Hunter and Adriana Johnson

Professional Photography + Digital Technician

+ Professional Photography
+ Digital Teching
+ Assisting

We love photography, and we do it well. On every shoot our priorities are lighting and composition. Together we use our knowledge, skills, and creativity to carefully construct beautiful images. While we enjoy shooting with natural light, we also have tons of equipment to achieve flawless studio light.

As a fully equipped mobile studio we are able to shoot for a wide range of clients, which keeps us on our toes. Short productions like portrait sessions and real estate photography have a quick file turnaround. Larger photography projects will invoke a more procedural approach, beginning with shot list planning and ending with meticulous retouching.

Work Experience

We’ve worked on a variety of photography productions, large and small, that include the following clients: Mondelez Food Service, Toyota, Hyundai, Ross, Nicol Realty, NuFace, Ardell, BH Cosmetics, Goop, Orbit Homes, Vince, Blue Diamond Jeweler, National Onion Association, Dermstore, Golden Outlook.

Our work has been featured on Serena and Lily, Style Me Pretty Living, Compass, Malibu Magazine

Digitech Services

  • Inquire for day rate

  • Mac Studio

  • Macbook Pro

  • Eizo 27″ Monitors

  • Inovativ Cart

*Computer rentals include Capture One, Adobe Suite, Helicon Focus, Microsoft Suite.

Please get in touch for a custom estimate or pricing on additional gear.